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Thoughts for the New Year
  1. Is there anyone I need to forgive?
  2. Is there anyone who would not be pleased to see me?
  3. How do I treat those who are unkind and unreasonable?
  4. Am I doing anything that I would condemn in others?
  5. What am I like at home?
  6. Am I regarded by others as being reliable?
  7. Am I given to faultfinding?
  8. Am I trustworthy - never breaking confidence?
  9. If once I give my word, is it my bond?
  10. Am I faithful to Bible study and to prayer?
  11. Am I faithful to services of my church?
  12. Do I make good use of my leisure time?
  13. Am I going the second mile in my duties, in service and in love?
  14. Do I love to be alone with God and do I practice this?
  15. Do I have firm and unwavering convictions?
  16. Do I have a bridled tongue?
  17. Am I sympathetic? Do I hurt when others hurt?
  18. Am I appreciative? Do I show it to my loved ones?
  19. Am I quick to acknowledge my faults and ask for forgiveness?
  20. Do I tend to remember little grudges against people?
  21. Does my life manifest His love, as described in 1 Cor. 13:4-8?

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