Pastor John W. Harrell

Consecration, for our fathers, was a comparatively simple matter. That was because the average individual touched relatively few other people in the course of the day. Not that many decisions were made which affected only a few lives.


For modern man, the situation is entirely different. Life is so much more complex. So many wives and young people have to work now. The personal living of every individual affects a wide circle of influence of others, many of whom are not known all that well. The pressures of modern living are tremendous tests to the consecration of Christians today.


When the Bible says, "Consecrate yourselves this day to the Lord, " it literally means "Fill your hands in service this day for the Lord. " Exodus 32:29 goes on to say, "...that He may bestow upon you a blessing this day. "


Whether in ancient days or modern days, consecration always brings a blessing from the Lord. And, no higher compliment can be paid to anyone than to say, "He (She) is consecrated to the Lord. "


May the Lord help us to see the total of our lives in the same white light in which He see us, and hear His voice that says. "Consecrate yourselves this day... "


J. W. Harrell

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